Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zac - the hatter

zac hatter

This Hatter picture was taken in April, that time the cinema still showing Tim Burton's Alice in the wonderland.
Both of us are big fans of Johnny Depp, and so in love with the Hatter.
Therefore, i tried the make up on Zac's face.
During that time, MUFE was organizing a themed make up competition on facebook, happily we won with this make up, Zac - the Hatter.

Hatter这造型已经是今年4月的事情了,那时候戏院正上映着alice in the wonderland。
我们俩都是Johnny Depp迷,也超爱hatter这个造型。
那时候MUFE facebook,正主办小小的主题化妆比赛,所以,顺便参加了,没想到真的得奖了。

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